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We Are Resurrection People

Christ - the Light of the World within us.

Christ – the Light of the World within us.

This New Year’s Eve heralds the advent of the year that marks the centenary of the beginning of the Great War in 1914.  My father was 4 years old when it began and a young man of 29 when he enlisted in the army to fight in world War II.  He died within a week of becoming ill on January 7th 1982 at the age of 71.  We lived at number 71, too.

Three 71’s!

Are numbers significant?  Does a centenary confer some special meaning? Numbers are prevalent in the Bible. The Jewish Gematria is based on the numerical value of the Alef Beit.  We can create mathematical algorithms for the most complex systems even biological and meteorological ones.  When I was a young teenager I was fascinated by this underlying and possible order for all things though my love for the natural world superceded it and I became more in love with biology as I went through school. Nevertheless I became obsessed by numerical equivalents and possible interpretations to the point I was almost unable to do anything or meet anyone without first making some kind of calculations as to the possibilities and probabilites of where it might lead.

I became a slave to an idea. Limited by my own mental fabrication and the reality I had imbued it with.

We have so much power to realise even the most ridiculous and it will come about and bolster the illusion.  We create our own tyrannies even before we are subject to the tyrannies of others.

How did I escape myself!? There is no one single point of salvation or realisation; more, perhaps, a long journey through life with many ups and downs and sufferings, some quite extreme and still painful; some incredibly joyful times.  We all have such lives, we are all subject to the same foolishness of the imaginary kingdoms we create. But if we are quiet within; if we become still, we can see some thread that passes through it all and remains constant.  We see we are what we always were – a beautiful soul, created by Almighty God  with one purpose – of returning to Him.

Slowly we might become aware that we are not our flashy cars, expensive clothes, big house, powerful position of authority, centre of the clique, the mover and shaker.

We are not the bum on the street, the chav, the white trash, the criminal, the drunk, the addict, the prostitute.

We are not the holier than thou, do-gooding Christian or member of any other faith, perfect person, follower of ritual, person who always does the right and proper thing.

We are stupid.

We are blind.

We are deaf.

We are dumb.

We are unfeeling.

We are ignorant.

We are faithless.

But we have something special.

We have hope because we have the unconditional love of God.

When Jesus spoke to the Samaritan woman at the well she immediately valued the word he spoke, desired the living water he wanted to share with her – the water of life, of awareness, of love eternal, love that makes your legs turn to water when you feel it descend upon you, makes you shed tears of remorse from so deep a place of pain you know you are being washed clean.

The Samaritan woman had many husbands, Christ knew her whole life. But he loved her still, he loved her.  He did not judge like we judge.  He saved her because he loved her.

In this world we create rules.  Abide by them and you are accepted. Reject them and you are outcast.  An illusion.  We are all outcasts of our own making.

But we are all saved.

We are all redeemed.

We are all loved.

We all have hope.

We are all Resurrection people.

What does it mean when we say Christ has taken our sins upon himself and in doing so, saved us? What does this mean to you?  Christians, especially Evangelists often talk about this but has anyone ever explained what it means to the extent you are satisfied with the meaning, can feel it in yourself as the truth, or does it just wash off as empty words?

I often ponder about it.  I can and have grasped the idea with my mind but I know from experience this is superficial.  But this past year I have felt something new.  It has not come from understanding, argument or theological study.

It comes from humility.

Humility saves us.

Humility is God’s love in action.

He humbles us, especially when we have been proud or vain.  If we can accept the realisation, and embrace the humility we have learned a litle more of love, we have become a little more Resurrected.  There is a point now where I am so conscious of my stupidity, ignorance, unholy motivations, little daily shams and excuses I make to cover my sorry ass, that I feel like one of the Franciscan Brothers in Assisi, I forget which, possibly Bernard or Juniper, who when arrested and condemned admitted to everything, even though in fact he had done nothing at all.  He also freely asked to be convicted of the sins of his persecutors as well, for he said, he may as well! He was willing to accept the sins of others even though he was guiltless – just as Christ accepted us and our sins outright, forever.  Yet he was holy and guiltless and he spent his life working miracles and loving and caring for those around him.

He condemned only those who thought they were better than anyone else, who created rules and regulations which kept out those whose need was greatest and means were least.

This world is like the Temple.  We have to buy and sell and bring our doves and lambs to the marketplace and jostle for favours and positions and any little thing the arbiters of the Temple wish to dole out if they deem our sacrifices as worthy. We are like beggars, like the sick who sit around the pool waithng for the angel to come stir it up and then hope to dive in first to get the miracle cure.

Christ studied and learned and understood but he did not become like the people of the Temple.  He was from God. He showed us the way to Life and it was not by becoming like those in the Temple who used rules and regulations to strangle and impoverish so many people; who took hope away rather than give it.

The only lie in the world is that you have to be part of something, behave in a certain way, become like some significant other, in order to be accepted.  Being accepted is not the same as being saved.

We are all saved.

You do not need to buy into anything anymore to be able to experience Resurrection of your soul.

Wake up in the morning of this New Year and every morning thereafter, ask for forgiveness and begin again.  Christ makes us new every day.  He loves us and forgives us and helps us to move to complete Resurrection.  We are already on the path.  Do not let anyone, least of all yourself, doubt it.

We are Resurrection People.

2 responses

  1. Wonderful! Yes, it was Brother Juniper who wanted them to go ahead and hang him. Thanks for this good word to start out the new year with.

    January 1, 2014 at 2:08 am

    • Happy NewYear to you both. Thanks for Br Juniper!

      January 1, 2014 at 11:23 am

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