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Live Interview on Three Counties Radio- getting down to the roots!

Caught out by the rector yesterday who had lined up an interview on Three Counties Radio about my Artist in Residency at St. Mary the Virgin in Aylesbury.  Talking about some of the projects we are hoping to create and explaining a little about icon, Graham the presenter, was right in there and reckoned I liked getting back to the roots of painting!  Right on Graham.

Check it out over the next few days whilst it is available.  Starts with Fr. Shane Wood at around 41mins and then I put in my four pennies worth especially about the St. Osyth Project- more on that in a coming blog.

By the way we are both surnamed Wood but are not related- we don’t think, yet both our families come from Brighton- maybe distant cousins, but I’m prettier!

Thanks to Kim, our events organiser who is the stalwart mover and shaker who gets things done.  You are the true star, Kim and so great to work with.


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